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Meet the Party!

Melody Amaranth

Age 22
Animal Red fox
Class Paladin
Likes Quiet evenings, snow, nature, chocolate, girls
Dislikes Bad stuff

Melody is a kindhearted but meek transgender fox who lives out in the woods near Greenridge. Lately she’s been studying healing magic, inspired to follow in the adventurous footsteps of her lifelong best friend turned girlfriend, Allison Goleta, whom she is very in love with. She’s also been trying not to have a panic attack. Melody’s worried that her anxieties will keep her from being as helpful as she’d like, but she’s just gotta try and stay positive and avoid overthinking everything for once in her life. Melody’s doing her best, okay?

As either a Woodland Paladin, Amorous Paladin, or Resolute Paladin (the choice is yours!), Melody specializes in a variety of healing and support spells, useful both in battle and out in the field. She’s able to build Star Power by healing herself and her friends in battle, which can then be spent on more powerful moves.

Allison Goleta

Age 22
Animal Desert cottontail
Class Punk
Likes Swords, treasure, ska, fighting games, girls
Dislikes Bullies, landlords

Allison is an adventurous bunny with impressive agility and strength. She loves punk rock, her girlfriend Melody, and the sound of her own voice. She also may or may not have been in a band at one point. Allegedly. Ultimately, she just wants to fight monsters, hang out with her girlfriend, and pay her rent–preferably all at the same time. People see her as impulsive and juvenile, but she’s always reliable when it counts, and nothing’s more important to her than making Melody happy. She may also depend on Melody a lot more than she’d like to admit.

As a Punk, Allison specializes in physical attacks, but is fairly versatile and able to take on different roles if needed. She builds Star Power by attacking enemies, and can spend that Star Power on some very powerful special moves, including a set of directional jabs and kicks that can exploit enemy weak spots.

Claire Higsby

Age 21
Animal Highland cow
Class Evocation Witch
Likes Magic, field research, old books, big hats, girls
Dislikes Consequences

Claire is a scholarly trans cow with extensive knowledge of witchcraft. She’s also a notorious wild card who relentlessly pursues her lofty dreams, as well as the leader of the guild. While she lacks experience, she makes up for it with sheer passion–Claire wants nothing more in life than to become a famous witch. In spite of her sarcastic persona and her constant reckless behavior, she’s trying to prove she’s a good friend. Unfortunately, building a dangerous, monster-filled dungeon to test her friends’ skills might not help her case.

As an Evocation Witch, Claire naturally knows a wide variety of offensive magic spells, as well as a few support abilities. She specializes in both fire and ice magic. Claire is able to build Star Power by performing standard physical attacks and low level magic attacks, which can be spent to unleash her strongest spells.

Jodie Caldwell

Age 23
Animal Bengal tiger
Class Bulwark Knight
Likes Exercise, beaches, blacksmithing, cooking, girls
Dislikes Lying, monsters

Jodie is a dependable tiger and a knight in training who uses her skills to keep her friends from getting hurt in and out of battle. Not easily rattled and readily supportive of those she loves, there’s no friend Melody, Allison, and Claire would rather rely on in times of need, whether it’s a personal problem or a fight against otherworldly monsters. However, Jodie has a lot of blind spots, and she may very well be finding herself in some trouble of her own…

As a Bulwark Knight, Jodie specializes in defensive abilities and special support moves that keep her friends out of harm’s way. She builds Star Power whenever she’s attacked by an enemy.

Friends of the party and other NPCs!



Beth & Mary Ena

Sworn Guardian of Greenridge. Jodie's GF.
Cheerful restaurateur. Claire's coworker.
Aspiring bards.
Peep their Soundcloud.




Captain of the Paladin Brigade. Huge narc.
Paladin Brigade healer.
Big fan of wrestling.
Paladin Brigade fighter.
Has a big sword.




Cranky old wizard.
"Reformed" villain.
Bartholomew's daughter.
Runs magic shop, gardens.
Catherine's daughter.
Wants to be evil.



Fortune Teller

Beleaguered librarian. Despises Claire.
Mysterious plant person.
Lives in haunted woods.
Who's this clown?

...and many more!

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